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Blinds & window treatments in Ames, IA

It's a cloudless summer afternoon, and the Iowa sun is streaming in through your blinds, gleaming in the room and invigorating the space with an undeniably fresh ambiance. Or it could be the dead of night in the middle of February, and your neighbor's bright, blaring backyard lights are excellently blocked out by your thick curtains, leaving you to slumber in peace. In either circumstance, your blinds and window treatments are an important part of enjoying your home.

When you’re searching for new blinds and window treatments, there's a myriad of essential aspects you need to think about; the amount of light you want to allow into the room, how much privacy the area needs, if any light let in will sit on any materials that will be ruined by UV rays, heating issues in the winter and Air Conditioning concerns in the summer, how regularly you'll want to open or uncover the window and the manner in which the blinds or curtains harmonize with your décor. We know it's lots to keep in mind, which is why we want to help guarantee your satisfaction.
 in Ames, IA from Alfred's Carpet & Decorating
For a full-sized living room window that you normally throw open to let in a breeze, you'll need a totally different variety of covering than for a bathroom window that you open in the daytime for sunlight but lock at night for safety. Alfred's Carpet & Decorating of Ames, Iowa has products for every space and window's specific requirements. From the airy curtains for the bathroom window that have to filter light in but maintain your privacy, to the blinds that keep early morning light out of your bedroom on the weekends, Alfred's Carpet & Decorating has the products and services to make it work.

For suggestions on which window covering is a wise selection to fit your needs, schedule an appointment for one of our in-home consultations. Contact us at (515) 232-1306, email us at Alfred's Carpet & Decorating or come visit us at our store at 128 Lincoln Way. Alfred's Carpet & Decorating is your best one-stop shop for blinds and window treatments in Ames, Iowa.

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