Backsplashes in Ames, IA

If you think your kitchen is mediocre, flat, and is in need of that uncommon something to give it a dramatic vitality, or the room is currently up-to-date and only is missing a center piece to amplify the beauty of the space, a backsplash might be exactly the addition you require. Imagine a classic marble piece adorning the wall in your space, or an ornate tile mosaic bringing your wall brilliance and beauty; backsplashes are genuinely adaptable and can form an unmatched quality of originality to your kitchen’s decor.

Available in stone, glass, metal, huge tiles or smaller ones arranged into a mosaic, the materials that we supply for you are surprising. Pick from a standard set of backsplashes guaranteed to appeal to you, or design one using small tiles and scraps of material for your own individual appearance. There's a backsplash to suit any style, from nature-inspired tones created with tiles or stone, to lively jewel hues crafted with glass. A backsplash will do for a kitchen what an area rug may do for a den.

The basic purpose of a backsplash is to cover the walls and make your kitchen quicker to keep clean, which is why we have an extensive array of simple to maintain options, like glass, ceramic, stone, metal and porcelain. At Alfred's Carpet & Decorating, we're glad to be entrusted not only to making your home more sumptuous, but also to making your life easier. We're so dedicated to this project that we also provide placement for any of our backsplashes. Our competent, delightful remodeling specialists will create your kitchen piece with the precision and care of a work of art.

What are you waiting for? Change your kitchen into a place of regality. To learn more about our backsplashes, or to set up a meeting for our reconstructing services, call (515) 517-2688 to contact us by phone, email us at or stop by our home overhauling store in Ames.




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