Tile flooring choice

Tile flooring has been used creatively in constructions from ancient times. Many historical monuments exhibit the beautiful pieces of tile flooring and it is still popular in this modern era. The most fascinating feature of tile flooring is its clean, clear aesthetic and style.

The tile designs and patterns are boundless with your creativity and imagination. If you are thinking about tile flooring for your home or commercial business in Ankeny, Ames, Clearlake or surrounding areas; we welcome you to explore our huge treasure chest of tiles at Alfred’s Carpet & Decorating. We are a reputed flooring store offering quality products along with installation and other related services.

Why choose tile flooring?

Tile is a tough and sturdy material that can be used at almost all places including kitchen, bathroom, walls etc. There are plenty of choices in terms of materials, price, maintenance, style and appearance. The most commonly used types of tiles include –natural stone, porcelain and ceramic tiles. Ceramic, natural stone and porcelain tiles are durable and look great, standing the test of time. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are also moisture resistant. In addition to these practical features, tile provides unlimited design and pattern alternatives to decorate your home or business.

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Easy maintenance and cleaning

One of the reasons for choosing tile flooring is its easy maintenance and cleaning. Tiles are known as water resistant and can be cleaned with ease. Sweeping or vacuum helps remove dust and debris on the tile floor. The flooring can be washed / wiped off with recommended cleaning products to remove dirt on tiles and grout joints once in a week. It helps reduce abrasion or wearing of tiles in low-medium traffic areas. It can be done more frequently in higher traffic areas. At Alfred’s Carpet & Decorating, we provide a beautiful array of tile products at the area’s best prices.If you are looking for a tile floor for your home renovation project at affordable prices, visit our showroom inAmes and meet with one of our tile specialists.