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Free design consultation services in Ames, IA

Everyone wants a home that represents their personality. But with so many details, it can seem almost impossible! Allow the experts from Alfred's Carpet & Decorating to lend you a hand with quality design consultation services! This helpful free service is offered to homeowners in Ames, Ankeny, and Story County. Making an appointment is simple with flexible scheduling. Even residents who have busy schedules can find the time to meet with our experts. You can visit one of our local stores or we can come to you!

Giving you options is just one of the ways that we provide excellent customer service. Planning for a home remodeling project can seem like a tall order. Let our experts break things down into manageable parts for you. You’ll see how the industry professionals have learned to build beautiful homes. And you can do it all within your budget. There is nothing holding you back from the home of your dreams!

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Design doesn’t have to be difficult. Enlist the help of our experts and see how you can change your home for the better. Homeowners of Ames, Nevada, and Story County have more options than ever before. Request our free design consultation services at Alfred's Carpet & Decorating. To speak with a consultant directly, call (515) 517-2688. Begin building the home of your dreams and stay on track in your renovation!



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Taking the first step

Like many other things in life, taking the first step is usually the hardest part of remodeling your home. There are hundreds of details to consider. You have to remember the big things like permits and contractors. But there are also the small things, like which light switches you want for the bathroom. Keeping it all together can be hard. First-time homeowners and home improvement novices can find themselves lost in it all.

That is where our design consultants come in! They can offer you their expertise in selecting products and services. Everything from color schemes to furnishings can be decided before work begins in your home. This makes it easy to accomplish things one at a time and create a cohesive vision for your interior design. Here are some of the other ways that design consultations can help improve your home:

  • Decide on a design theme: Are you basing your design off of a classic painting you inherited? Do you enjoy the modern look of clean lines and chrome accents? Do you love floral prints? These are the details that begin shaping your design theme. You can relay your interests and preferences to our design consultants. Then they can take those details and translate them into a usable design for any parts of your home. The result is a design that reflects who you are.
  • Begin working out a budget: Knowing your budget can be valuable for a number of reasons. Financial services are separate, but design consultants can help you begin to think about your budget. Knowing your aesthetic ahead of time gives you an area of possible designs to focus on. Vintage inspired pieces are likely to be less expensive than high fashion luxury pieces. Having this information and other tips can help you stay within your budget.