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Green flooring products and services

The environment has only recently become a concern in the home remodeling industry. There is a higher demand for products that reduce the negative impact that humans have had on the earth. Staples like hardwood and natural stone tend to take a toll on the environment when there is such a high demand for them, so it makes sense to offer new and exciting alternatives that have all of the strength and beauty homeowners expect. For discerning homeowners who want an eco-safe option at a low price, Alfred's Carpet & Decorating is here to provide the Ames area with a wide variety of green products and services! Now you can have the sustainability in the products you want combined with style and affordability. Delivery is just as fast as ever, and shopping is made simple by online catalogs and nearby locations. If you are looking to remodel your home with environmental responsibility in mind, you can look forward to our wonderful green product and service options!

What does "green" mean?

When a product is referred to as “green,” it means that it is made from natural ingredients, produced with little to no effects on the environment, or both. These are products that aim to make your home healthier by using less man-made materials that might use harmful chemicals, or seek to reduce the use of non-renewable natural resources. By opting to choose these products over synthetic and non-renewable options, you can enjoy a whole host of unique benefits. For example, you can often look forward to lower heating and cooling costs, which reduces your bill and the use of coal outside of your home. You can also find products that have a unique look unlike any of the traditional materials, or products that mirror those staples so closely that you cannot tell them apart! The world of green products is as versatile, affordable, and beautiful as any other section of home renovation, and you will be excited when you see all of the great options available to you.



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Examples of green products

So what sort of products fall under this category? When it comes to sustainable alternatives, there are more choices than ever for environmentally safe flooring materials. By understanding the benefits for each, you can select the one that most closely fits your home’s needs. With help from modern development and designers, you can have the combination of functionality and beauty in your home while still reducing the impact that your home renovation has on the Earth. Here are a few of our favorite types of green products that you will see as you begin shopping:

  • Carpet: You may be surprised to see this common staple on the list, but carpet is actually a wonderful green option for flooring. As one might expect, there is no wood used in the construction of carpet, which reduces the use of endangered tree species in forests around the world. It can be woven from natural materials in the same way that floor mats can. Seagrass, bamboo, jute, wool, hemp, cotton, and even recycled materials are acceptable and green resources used to make carpet. Carpet can also be recycled once it has reached the end of its life cycle so that the process can begin again with as little by-product waste as possible.
  • Cork: Most people think of wine or bulletin boards when they hear cork, but this versatile material is also great for flooring! Even after harvesting the bark of a living Cork Oak tree every 9 to 12 years, the tree itself remains alive and continues to flourish so that more bark can be collected later. The post-consumer waste created by wine bottle stoppers is also used in the production of these floors. It has a soft feeling underfoot, can be refined to mimic hardwood, and is a great insulator for homes in the summer and winter. It can be finished with water-based products rather than harmful chemicals, and uses a more eco-safe adhesive during installation.
  • Bamboo: Like cork, bamboo is derived from a plant that grows fast and remains alive after the materials used for floor manufacturing is harvested. The cut stalks grow back rapidly after harvesting is complete which makes this a great renewable resource to use for home improvement products. It is durable, beautiful, and can be stained and refined much like hardwood. It can also be finished with water-based products and uses safe adhesives. Additionally, it fares better than other options in more humid environments and is easy to maintain.
  • Linoleum: This old schoolhouse staple is making a comeback in modern homes due to its resilience and wide spectrum of styles and colors. It is produced by combining linseed oil, wood flour, or cork dust and resins applied over canvas backing. With easy installation and few maintenance demands, linoleum is very affordable and can work in a variety of spaces. It is recyclable.